Rosé All Day  - The Selfie Series

Rosé All Day - The Selfie Series

$39.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price
Color: Rose Gold

Let ‘em stare. Oh, they already are! Grab this luxurious, sexy + perfect selfie swag to radiate confidence. Kiss the negative energy goodbye… with these mirror lenses, you reflect good vibes only.


Grab some friends, swipe right all you want + keep it 100 as you rock one of our customers favorite shades. Guaranteed to make them look again + again every time. #letemstare

  • The Dirty Deets

    • Polarized Rose Gold Mirrored Lenses

    • Handmade Wood Frame

    • UA400 Protection

    • Natural Rose Wood Temple

    • Custom Spring Hinge

    • Exclusive Microfiber Protective Pouch included 

    • Extremely Random Sticker Included

  • The Selfie Vibe

    Who are these for? 

    You. Yes… you!


    What are the yummy details? 

    You won’t wear anything else after you try this mirrored lenses and handmade wooden frame.


    What’s the view? 

    Life always looks better through a polarized lens! These will have you taking selfies all day long!


    How much am I protected? 

    With maximum face coverage of course! You're getting the absolute UA400 Lens Protection.


    How does it feel?

    Nothing feels lighter than these shades. They fit perfectly because of their spring henges.


    What is the attitude? 

    The perfect blend of luxury, sexy + going out swag. Perfect for a rooftop patio or to dress up your outfit for a date.


    What comes with it?

    Along with the shades, you’ll also receive an exclusive microfiber protective pouch + surprise sticker! Who knows, maybe even more!?