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Party On Your Face - The Exclusive Single

Party On Your Face - The Exclusive Single

$36.00 Regular Price
$26.00Sale Price
Color: Black

Let ‘em stare. With these on, they absolutely will. #partyonyourface


It won’t matter if you’re invited or not - you don't need an invite to the party when there's a party on your face.


Put on these colorful, bold, fun shades + take them anywhere you want make a statement. Guaranteed to catch their attention, attract all the love + give all the good vibes. #letemstare

  • The Dirty Deets

    • Durable Solid Black Frames

    • Polarized Multicolor Party Lenses

    • Max Optics to Provide Extreme Coverage From All Angles

    • UA400 Lens Protection

    • Durable and Reliable Technology

    • Lightweight for All Activities

    • Exclusive Microfiber Protective Pouch included 

    • Surprise Party Sticker Included

  • The Party Vibe

    Who are these for?

    You. The dreamer. The life of the party. The lover. The best vibe in the room. You wear these to not only set the tone for your day but for others’ as well. They can’t help but smile when they seem ‘em on you!


    What are the yummy details?

    Made with durable black frames, these have max optics to provide extreme coverage from all angles.


    What’s the view?

    Life is always a party when you look at it through a  rainbow polarized multicolor lens. These will have you feeling like you’re invincible + the center of attention for sure.


    How much am I protected?

    With maximum face coverage of course! You're getting the absolute UA400 Lens Protection.


    How does it feel?

    Nothing feels lighter than these shades! They are perfect for any activity, party or event you can think of.


    What is the attitude?

    The perfect blend of bold + bright. Wear them anywhere you want make a statement. They aren’t subtle, that’s for sure. 


    What comes with it?

    Along with the shades, you’ll also receive an exclusive microfiber protective pouch + surprise party sticker!

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