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Caramel Aviator - The Cockpit Collection

Caramel Aviator - The Cockpit Collection

$39.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price

When packing your bags, don't forget these! Wear them inside and out! Up in the air or on the tarmac. These glasses are the swag you need to travel fancy AF.


Let 'em Stare as you travel the world. ✈️ Grab your a pair of these then head to your private jet!


Whether you're up in the air or just think you are... grab our Caramel Aviators to sweeten the view. Let 'em Stare. #SweetRide


  • Sexy Translucent Caramel Frames

  • Caramel Glamour Lenses

  • Full UA400 Lens Protection

  • Exclusive Microfiber Protective Pouch Included 

  • Surprise Sticker Included

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