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Shady - Woods

Shady - Woods

$49.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price

Let ‘em stare. They’re definitely going to! Grab these eco-friendly, light, bright + simple favorites of ours. Who’s got wood? You do. Hammer the haters with this salty pair.


Gain some new followers, get them to swipe right + keep it 100 as you rock one of our original shades. Guaranteed to make them look twice. #letemstare

  • The Dirty Deets

    • Handmade Wood Frame
    • UA400 Lens Protection
    • Durable and Reliable Natural Wood Frame
    • Spring Henges
    • Lightweight
    • Exclusive Microfiber Protective Pouch Included
    • Secret Sticker Included
  • The Wood Vibe

    Who are these for? 

    You. These are worn by men + women. They look perfect on both!


    What are the yummy details? 

    You won’t wear anything else after you try this handmade wooden frame.


    What’s the view? 

    Life always looks better through a polarized lens!


    How much am I protected? 

    We got you covered with absolute UA400 Lens Protection.


    How does it feel?

    Nothing feels better than these lightweight shades. They fit perfectly because of their spring henges.


    What is the attitude? 

    A mixture of eco-friendly, luxurious + cool swag.


    What comes with it?

    Along with the shades, you’ll also receive an exclusive microfiber protective pouch + surprise sticker!

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