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Rise'n Grind - The Exclusive Single

Rise'n Grind - The Exclusive Single

$36.00 Regular Price
$26.00Sale Price
Color: Black

Let ‘em stare. From the start of the day until you finish strong. Whether they're cheering you on or hoping you fail - Let ‘em watch as you kill the game. #risengrind


Grab these matte black - easy fit shades, do what you want + kick butt as you rock one of our exclusive shades. Guaranteed to impress them from the moment the sun rises until it sets. #letemstare

  • The Dirty Deets

    • 6-Base Matte Black Frames

    • Polarized Matte Black Lenses

    • UA400 Lens Protection

    • Durable and Reliable Sport Technology

    • Lightweight for All Activities

    • Exclusive Microfiber Protective Pouch included 

    • Surprise Sticker Included

  • The Rise ’n Grind Vibe:

    Who are these for?

    You. The MVP. The Athlete. The hard worker, but calm cool + collective boss. The one who grinds hard but has the most fun after work is over. 


    What are the yummy details?

    Made with durable and reliable sport technology you will love how 6-base matte black frames fit.


    What’s the view?

    Life always looks cooler through a black polarized lens! These will have you feeling like you’re in the shade no matter what the temp is outside.


    How much am I protected?

    With maximum face coverage of course! You're getting the absolute UA400 Lens Protection.


    How does it feel?

    Nothing feels lighter than these shades! They are perfect for any activity you can think of.


    What is the attitude?

    The perfect blend of sleek + sport. Wear them during a game or put ‘em on after leaving an important meeting. You win every game with these bad boys!


    What comes with it?

    Along with the shades, you’ll also receive an exclusive microfiber protective pouch + surprise sticker! Who knows, maybe even more!?

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