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About Us
Let 'em Stare

Let 'em stare!  Why? Because they’re going to anyways.


Whether its an admirer, a hater, or judger… give em something to look at!


People don’t buy your product. They buy your attitude.


They might not remember what you said- but they’ll remember how they felt when you said it.

Bryan + Melissa Wright, Founders

Our Mission

To give you the confidence boost you need to love the life you're living. Sunglasses block the sun - they also block the haters! 

STARE was started during the 2020 Pandemic while everyone was quarantined. Bryan and Melissa wanted to turn the worry, panic and anxiety into fun, style and lots of selfie love.

While the world turned upside down, so did their creativity to create fun, bold and basic styles for you. Keep a lookout as they are constantly coming out with something new. Thank you for being a part of the soft launch from all of us here at STARE wear.

Our Vibe

Bold. Fun. Sexy.

At Stare, our vision is to empower you to be bold, confident and excited about the world you see through our sunglasses. 

Grab your favorite pair. Tap into your best self. Live your best life!

Rock it! Wear it! Work it! Love it!

...give em something to stare at!

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